Certificate and Licensing in Massachusetts is regulated by the State.

Students of Massage Institute of Cape Cod will be awarded a Certificate of Completion by the school upon the completion of the 700 hours required.

  • Students will submit an application to the state at a fee of $225.00.
  • Graduating students seeking to obtain a license for a business must also apply to the State, which requires graduation from a 650-hour program in a state-approved massage school.
  • Massage Institute of Cape Cod 700-hour hands-on and academic training prepares professional massage therapists to pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam(MBLEX)) exam, which is the national standard to prove competence to a licensing board.

License #13100141 Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
Division of Occupational Licensure,
Office of Private Occupational School Education,
1000 Washington Street Boston Mass 02118
(617) 701-8719

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